We see and live the nightmare every day: rising tides of religious intolerance and cultural isolationism. Too many misguided people expressing their fear of Other by shouting their hatred both on and off-line.  It is a vicious circle that normalizes hate.

The Man/Kind Project vigorously pushes back by calling out and holding accountable the political platforms, the hate-speech and the haters.  

By speaking truth to power. By positively protecting our civil liberties.

We use our voices, our art, and our science to create awareness, and drive truth forward. We are brave, and we encourage bravery in others. We build bridges through music, art and the spoken word. We are the future: tolerant, inclusive and supportive of the rights and aspirations of all good people.

We are Man/Kind, we own this planet, and we are here to stay.



As leaders and founders of successful social advocacy campaigns and non-profits, we came together to address and fix what's wrong in our society.  Here's how we do it.

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Take Action

Your donation is key to supporting us.  What is also key is your involvement.  It's no longer enough to vent on Facebook.  We have to 'hit the streets' and engage hate with empathy. 

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