Coming soon - TEARS Episode 3: CommUNITY and ReSOLUTION - We explore the riff that exists in our community and explore the theory of common ground as it may exist as an opportunity for healing.  

Our streets are battlegrounds.  Our neighborhoods are divided.

As the third largest municipal police department in the second largest city in the United States, the Los Angeles Police Department carries huge responsibilities.  It's a department that has evolved over the decades, and with that has come a demand for change.  

With the third episode of TEARS: The Event Against Racism and Stereotyping, The Man/Kind Project will feature pivotal members of the community, elected representatives, activists, celebrities and key members of the LAPD, sharing perspectives, and discussing ways of re-engaging the community and policing. We believe it’s time we develop stronger bridges that support racial equity, conflict resolution and sustainable community engagement. 

By highlighting stories and personal reflections from myriad perspectives, TEARS 3 will take control of the narrative, and at the same time recognize and address the cries of injustice, fear, and hope that is emanating from our fellow Angelenos.