Matt Micklin

Matt Micklin

Matt Micklin
tech industry advisor

Matt comes to the Man/Kind Project with more than 18 years of experience helping build Silicon Valley based start up companies.

At the forefront of the digital identity expansion during the tech boom of the late nineties, Matt's work with forging strategic relationships in this space brought together firms like Casio, Virgin, Quallcom, Sprint and the emerging technologies of social media start-ups who were competing for a foothold during those explosive times.

His recent experience includes expanding cloud application sales into the Australian and Asia-Pacific markets, and he currently manages the Western U.S. region for an enterprise Big Data start up company.  

"I am honored to be part of the Man/Kind Project.  Recent political events have had a profound impact on me and my family.  I am saddened to see that our unashamed political representatives are now publicly putting their personal agendas above what is right for the people and the Country they represent.  We cannot let misguided political agendas continue to destroy the "We the People" constitutional fabric of our democracy and negatively impact the creative institutions and basic rights of the people.  

With over 18 years in the high-tech industry, my focus with the Man/Kind Project will be to build relationships with the drivers of change in technology -- the people and organizations that leverage social media, internet-based applications, digital media, and digitized information to educate a broader support base and further the rights of everyone at an accelerated pace."

Matt lives in Southern California with his wife and young daughter.