Our Second in a Series of Blunt and Honest Conversations and Confrontations on Racism

TEARS: The Event Against Racism & Stereotyping - Episode 2

Here Is The Link. Add Your Voice to Ours and Speak Out Against Racism


You've heard our voices, now we want to hear yours.  Log onto the DREAM Project and add your voice to an ever growing community that has finally taken a stand against racism.  You'll be known by just your first name, and the passion of your words.  Think about what you want to say, and how to say it - then SPEAK OUT!  You'll record a short but powerful video 'selfie' and then upload it using our easy to follow instructions.  Choose the keywords that best describes you, and then upload.  Depending on the size of your selfie, we'll ask you to be patient and wait for however long it takes (probably a few minutes).  When it's up, people will be able to access your words either by. browsing through all of the selfies, or by searching for that particular selfie that will inspire someone like you, or someone who wants to be like you..

Feel like fighting racism and changing the world?  Please join us at www.mankinddream.com 

TEARS: Episode One


Our first episode.  Since we debuted on the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech - we have introduced thousands to our socially-distanced ZOOM powered format that speaks truth to power effectively, confrontationally, and empathetically.  

Black Lives Matter, and to dilute that saying with a response of 'All Lives Matter' cuts to the heart of the systemic racism that we fight.  We urge you to get involved.  Feel like fighting racism and changing the world?  Please join us at www.mankinddream.com